ZERO Wipes - FAMILY BUNDLE: 6 of each size


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About our wipes: 

Zero Wipes are super thick, absorbent and soft on skin. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

And the kicker? They’re 100% Zero plastic, including the packaging.

What are they used for?

They can be used to replace a plastic wrapped wet wipe, or a polyester dishcloth. Our goal is zero plastic. What’s not to love? You're saving the planet, and your day! 

ZERO - Your go-to when things get messy:

  • use with or without water for almost any situation.
  • super absorbent and re-usable. 
  • soft on skin - no scratching or abrasions you get with other wipes.
  • no fragrance.
  • hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive of skins.
  • bio based and non-toxic.
  • Biodegradable (wipes and packaging) 
  • 100% home compostable (wipes and packaging) 
  • Completely plastic free including packaging. 

How to use: 

You can use our wipes with or without water.

Use dry  - to soak up a spill around the home, wipe away ice cream from a toddler's face, or during makeup application and removal. 

Use wet - to wipe away your makeup without irritation or abrasion, wipe a sticky face or for a baby change. Everytime you don't use a plastic wrapped wet wipe, you are saving the planet. 

Rinse & repeat for a more sustainable wipe - Yep, that’s right, our wipes are designed for you to wet, rinse and repeat. The material fibers of our wipes are extremely soft and non-abrasive on even the most sensitive skin and they are also engineered to be super strong. These wipes are multi-taskers just like you. You can use them for makeup removal or anything else you can think of, and when you're done, rinse and reuse. It's one of the reasons our wipes are so sustainable. 

Product Tips:

Pro makeup stylist tip - Use with micellar water, cleanser or toner. They are softer than any cotton pad and grip grime like you would not believe. You can use our wipes with warm water and steam your skin after a mask. Divine!

Plastic Free Parenting Hack # 1 - Just add water to our wipes and use our dry wipes as a wet wipe with much less impact on the planet. Our wipes are plastic free, including the packaging, and they are much lighter to ship so you're reducing the overall footprint of distribution. Our wipes don't have any of the chemical additives used in your average wet wipes. Manufacturers almost always add chemical preservatives to wet wipes to prolong shelf life, and fragrances to hide those chemicals. Our wipes are free of all that!