Everything you need to know about Zero Plastic Free Dry Wipes
September 30, 2022

Everything you need to know about Zero Plastic Free Dry Wipes


Is ZERO Australian owned? 

The ZERO brand is Australian owned and operated.

What does ZERO refer to? 

We are so glad you asked. Zero stands for both ZERO plastic, and ZERO waste.

At ZERO, we believe the problem created by plastic is MASSIVE for both people and the planet so we have taken a firm stand on not using ANY plastic in our products. When we select the materials used in our products we make sure that they create ZERO harm at the end of life. This is a non-negotiable design constraint for us. We won’t make a product unless we know that when our product degrades at its end of life ZERO products won’t add harmful chemicals and microplastic to the soil.

What is a dry wipe? & How do I use it?

If you’re new to the concept of a dry wipe? Here is the low down…The super absorbent fibers of our dry wipe are thick, absorbent, and soft on skin. When you add a little water and use wet, you get all the benefits of a traditional wet wipe, but you don’t get any of the greasy residue or fragrances. When used dry, they soak up liquid like nothing else we have seen on the market and can be used instead of a kitchen cloth that is typically made from polypropylene.   

Isn't a wipe just for babies?...spoiler, no way!  

We have designed this wipe with babies in mind, but we have discovered that wipes are used by the whole family. Makeup removal, sticky toddler faces and so many other uses around the home, office and gym.

Why is this product more environmentally friendly? 

The environmental impact of our product is far superior when compared to a wet wipe because we have removed all the plastic. Wet wipes come wrapped in plastic, but most have plastic in the wipe itself. Sneaky! Our wipe is also a lot lighter to freight so that means a lower carbon footprint. Unlike your standard wet wipe, our wipes are not single use: They are engineered so you can rinse & repeat for a more sustainable wipe. When you try them, you will see what I mean! Our ZERO wipes biodegradable within 45 days in landfill, and If you have a composting unit at home, you can drop them in the compost and watch them disappear. No more landfill, no plastic in the oceans, and no more micro plastics. 

What are our 100% plastic free dry wipes made from?