September 19, 2023

Developing the first 100% Plastic Free Wet Wipe

Developing the first 100% Plastic Free Wet Wipe

The Project:

The path of ZERO Labs' groundbreaking journey to develop the world's first plastic-free wet wipe packet is a story of innovation, commitment, and a profound dedication to sustainability. In an industry where convenience often takes precedence over eco-consciousness, this pioneering venture not only revolutionized packaging but also set new benchmarks for environmental responsibility.


01 - Discovery

The journey to create the first plastic-free wet wipe packet has been a testament to ZERO Lab's innovative thinking, perseverance, and commitment to a sustainable future. It showcased the transformative power of bioplastics, setting a new standard for the industry and inspiring others to rethink their approach to plastic packaging.

02 - Insight

Posed with the challenge of developing the first plastic-free wet wipe packet, ZERO Labs rose to the occasion. It was not only a matter of swapping out the non-woven wipe for a plant-based fiber but also innovating a plastic-free material that could function as a resealable sticker and film for the flow wrap packaging. As the project took shape, it became evident that the innovation needed not only to be an excellent product but also compatible with the supply chain typically used for plastic products. The product development team successfully addressed these systematic design challenges and approached the process with a life cycle perspective. Manufacturing, supply chain activities, user engagement, and end-of-life processes were all carefully considered during the development of this cutting-edge product.

03- Test

The team knew that replacing plastic in wet wipe packaging was no small feat. They had to identify a sustainable, biodegradable material that could withstand moisture, maintain product integrity, and meet stringent hygiene standards. After numerous trials of combining bio-based polymers into composite films, a biodegradable, compostable film derived from corn starch emerged.

04 - Scaleable Insight

Creating a plastic-free product was just the beginning; the ZERO Labs team was committed to minimizing their environmental footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of the wet wipes and its packaging. Every process or material used in the production process was stripped back, reinvented, trialled, and perfected as the most sustainable solution available.

A Sustainable Life Cycle Approach

Creating a plastic-free product was just the beginning of ZERO Labs' commitment to sustainability. The team understood that a genuinely eco-conscious solution needed to minimize its environmental footprint throughout its entire life cycle – from production to disposal. This meant scrutinizing every aspect of the product's creation and distribution. Processes and materials were reevaluated, redesigned, and optimized to achieve the highest level of sustainability. It was not merely about producing a biodegradable wet wipe packet but also about rethinking the entire production process to align with eco-friendly principles.

Challenges and Triumphs

Replacing plastic in wet wipe packaging posed considerable challenges. The team faced not only technical obstacles but also had to navigate the complex landscape of supply chains and consumer expectations. Yet, the commitment to sustainability drove them forward. As the project advanced, it became clear that achieving scalability was essential. The innovation had to be accessible to a broad market to create a meaningful impact. This required collaboration with various stakeholders, including suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers.

The Results:

The challenge presented to ZERO Labs was no small feat: create a wet wipe packet devoid of plastic. This ambitious goal meant more than just substituting the conventional non-woven wipe with a plant-based alternative. It required a complete reinvention of the packet material to offer a resealable and functional solution that could match the performance of traditional plastic-based packaging. As the project began to gain momentum, it became increasingly apparent that the innovation had to meet not only stringent environmental standards but also seamlessly integrate into the existing supply chain accustomed to plastic products. The product development team embarked on this journey with a holistic approach, considering every phase of the product's life cycle – from manufacturing to supply chain logistics, from user engagement to end-of-life processes. Developing a plastic-free wet wipe packet involved extensive research and innovation. The team had to identify a sustainable, biodegradable material that could withstand moisture, maintain the integrity of the wipes, and adhere to rigorous hygiene standards. This quest led to numerous trials and experiments with various bio-based polymers until a breakthrough occurred. A biodegradable, compostable film derived from corn starch emerged as the material of choice. It not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with the core principles of sustainability. This discovery marked a critical milestone in the project, demonstrating that environmentally responsible alternatives could compete with conventional plastics in terms of functionality and performance. The ZERO Wet Wipe is set to launch in-store in November 2023.

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