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No parent wants their baby exposed to microplastics.

Nature didn't intend for your child to be the guinea pig for a science experiment gone wrong. Microplastics are found in most wipes, and they can cause health problems if ingested.

ZERO - Better for you and the planet

ZERO plastic free wipes pamper medium box pink

ZERO dry wipes

ZERO Wipes are super thick, absorbent and soft on the most sensitive skin. They are non-toxic and hypoallergenic with no hidden chemicals or preservatives.

And the kicker? They’re 100% Zero plastic, including the packaging.

What are they used for?

Use these babies to replace a plastic wrapped wet wipe, or a polyester cloth. Our goal is zero plastic. What’s not to love? You're saving the planet, and your day! 

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No Parent Wants Their Baby Exposed to Microplastics